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web-GEMs Online Teaching Reports

Notice ⚠️


Web-GEMs are no longer available via POGOe except the web-GEMs for Interprofessional Education. The web-GEMS have been moved to Med-U  and are now available via subscription

If your institution created web-GEMs assignments before September, 2016, you are “grandfathered” into web-GEMs on -MedU and your institution will have one year free access to web-GEMs through June, 2018.  MedU has already notified users who are ‘grandfathered’ about the process and has sent information on initiating your free access to the course through their new learning management system.

If your institution has been grandfathered but you need help accessing or using the course, or if you would like a quote to purchase a license for web-GEMs, please contact you have any questions about this transition please reach out to Elisha Medina-Gallagher at AGS. If you are currently using web-GEMs modules, you and your trainees will have until August 31, 2017 to complete the module via POGOe at no cost.


Included with the use of web-GEMs teaching modules, instructors have the ability to view reports on their student's activity. The web-GEMs Online Teaching Reports provide quick and detailed information on each student and their progress. Instructors can view all of their student's at a glance, or find more detailed information on each student including which web-GEMs have been signed up for, the completion status and progress for each web-GEM, and total time spent on each web-GEM. web-GEMs Online Teaching Reports are only available to confirmed faculty. They are emailed as a PDF and organized in a clean and simple manner. 


Key Features of the web-GEMs Reports

  • Only available to confirmed faculty. Click here to confirm your faculty status.
  • View Quick and Detailed overview for each student
  • Keep track of how many sessions each student has signed up for, completed, and their last login 
  • One page detailed overview provides Case Name, Status, Completion Record, and Time spent on assignment
  • Reports are emailed to you in PDF format

Click here to assign web-GEMs. Once on the web-GEMs Assignment page, instructors can view all of their assignments and create new ones by clicking on the "create new assignment" link. 

If you are new, or need instructions on how to complete a web-GEMS assignment, please click here. For frequently asked questions please click here.