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  1. Last Updated 06/11/2012

    Using the Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders (or ACOVE) paradigm and the principles of Academic Detailing, Aging Q3 is developing curricula on 16 different topics for teaching residents about providing quality care to elderly patients. Aging ...

  2. Last Updated 06/08/2012

    ElderQuest is an interactive 3-D videogame aimed at helping medical students learn the AAMC geriatric competencies. The first 5-mission playpack of a single-player game has been completed, during which the player starts a journey to save the ...

  3. Last Updated 10/08/2015

    Geriatric Fast Facts (GFFs) [] is a mobile enabled website which contains 1-2 page concise, peer-reviewed evidence-based educational summaries on key geriatrics topics to ...