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  1. Last Updated 10/08/2015

    Geriatric Fast Facts (GFFs) [] is a mobile enabled website which contains 1-2 page concise, peer-reviewed evidence-based educational summaries on key geriatrics topics to ...

  2. Last Updated 09/23/2020

    Family caregivers are on the frontlines managing complicated chronic illnesses, assisting with day-to-day functioning, and providing direct care to manage symptoms and improve the quality of life of their loved ones. Yet, health professions ...

  3. Last Updated 04/30/2018

    The UT Southwestern SAGE Urinary Incontinence module is a comprehensive core curriculum on UI in the elderly which can be incorporated into existing UME courses at both the pre-clinical and clinical levels. After completion of the ...

  4. Last Updated 03/29/2018

    A multifacted program focused on Assessment of Medical Decision Making Capacity. It includes the following education and assessment tools:


    • Elder Care Provider Sheet, “Medical Decision-Making ...