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Theme-Based Journal

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These reflective journal activities encourage students to take a holistic approach to assessing their experiences encountered with aging patients. Through the questions posed in each journal activity, students are challenged to reflect on their patient interaction in their clinical rotations with compassion and empathy for the patient experience. The goal is for each student to develop a more patient-centered health care practice. 

Educational objectives: 

On completion, the learner will be able to:

  1. Summarize thoughts, reflections, and experiences as related to the geriatric rotation experience.
  2. Express core geriatric learning principles through reflective and thoughtful writing.
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of one’s own perspective when caring for aging patients.  
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of the value of the interprofessional team when caring for aging patients.  
Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

The journal can be used alone or in combination with the TEXAS Medical Clerkship Program.

The estimated completion time is per journal activity. 

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Wed, 04/24/2013
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Wed, 04/24/2013
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