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Almost 2/3 of all people 25-34 years old have smartphones. A smartphone is a mobile phone with computer-like features that can include e-mail, an internet browser, a personal organizer, a touch screen or a keyboard. With the Aging Q3 APP, you can access "on the go" teaching tools and materials on geriatric medicine from your mobile device. Educators and trainees can find links to topic-related evidence-based literature and clinical teaching tools helpful during educational and patient care encounters. The content is comprised of curriculum-developed and evidence-based facts collected in the MUSC Aging Q3 Program, supported by the D.W. Reynolds Foundation. The Aging Q3 Mobile App is designed for use on all mobile devices including iPads, Tablets, iPhones, and Android phones, and provides easier organization of aging-related materials with quick and easy access.

Educational objectives: 
  1. Facilitate "on the go" access to Aging Q3 curriculum (16 geriatric topics) and teaching tools for educational and  patient care encounters from any mobile device.
  2. Facilitate "on the go" access to links of topic related evidence-based literature from any mobile device.
  3. Facilitate "on the go" access to clinical tools including calculators and assessment tools on aging related topics such as depression and osteopororsis risk from any mobile device.
  4. Faciliate access to POGOe (Portal of Geriatric Online Education) from any mobile device.
Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

To download the Aging Q3 APP to your mobile device:

  1. Using your mobile device's web browser, access
  2. Depending on your device:
    1. Android: From “bookmarks”, click and hold down the Aging Q3 bookmark until an options screen pops up.
    2. Iphone: Add Aging Q3 site to your home screen when prompted.
  3. From the options screen choose “add shortcut” to home screen.
  4. Aging Q3 icon will now appear on your home screen.
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Thu, 08/23/2012
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Thu, 08/23/2012
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