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(Y2S6) ELDER Project: Falls and Restraints

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Year 2 - Target audience is Nursing Assistants (NA) in the homecare and long term care settings. The curriculum is based on the John A. Hartford Foundation's best practices in the care of older adults. This is session six of six, and it contains two modules: Falls and Restraints.  Falls topics include: reasons patients are at risk for falls; how nursing assistants are instrumental in fall prevention; Restraint topics include: role of NA in restraint use; and myths/facts about restraints.

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Educational Objectives Session 6:

  1. List three reasons that patients may be at risk for falls.
  2. Name three things that a nursing assistant can do to help prevent a fall for an older adult.
  3. List one myth and fact about the use of restraints for older adults.
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John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing (2001, 2003)
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Sun, 01/01/2012
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Tue, 02/19/2013
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