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Hacking Geriatrics: The World 2 Challenge

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The World 2 Challenge is an innovative quality improvement competition designed by our Reynolds Next Steps team, based on the concept of a healthcare hackathon.  We partnered with institutional leadership in our health system, graduate medical education leadership, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, and other interprofessional representatives to design a platform to promote friendly competition led by specialty faculty, fellows, and residents to improve the quality of care for older adults. In the process, they learn key principles of geriatrics and how to apply them at a broader level across the institution. Our first competition in April 2016 focused on improving communication at transitions of care for older patients.  At a retreat, 9 QI project "pitches" were delivered to a broad interprofessional audience, 5 were chosen by a voting process and developed their ideas further through interprofessional team collaboration. Ultimately, 2 project ideas were selected to go forward, and the ultimate winner of the QI competition will be the project with the most successful implementation and the broadest impact for the care of older patients institution-wide. This has been an energizing initial effort, and we look forward to its continuing for years to come because of several unique aspects that promote its success. The most important are the interprofessional focus, teamwork, contextual learning, and alignment with institutional priorities to make actual change in the way that patients are cared for at our institution.  We provide a timeline that illustrates the key inputs and steps to promote such a QI competition to enhance geriatric education and care.  We also provide the event agenda, pitch template, judging template, list of pitch topics, and follow-up inhouse publicity from our institution to give our geriatrics colleagues at other institutions sample materials which could be adapted to their specific needs.

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  1. To demonstrate how geriatrics can lead and facilitate improvements in care across the broader institution through interprofessional focus, teamwork, contextual learning, and alignment with institutional priorities, grounded in geriatrics principles.
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Mon, 10/17/2016
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Mon, 10/17/2016
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