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Your Role After a Fall: Assessment and Communication - An Interdisciplinary Approach

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This educational module is intended for an interdisciplinary audience of staff who work with older patients in hospitals or long term care facilities.  The emphasis is on the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to care of the older patient and ensuring each team member understands his or her own role in communicating once a fall has taken place. Providers, nurses, C.N.A.s, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, housekeeping, transport, and any other person who comes into contact with an older patient is considered part of the interdisciplinary team.  All team members understanding common concepts and a shared model on how to communicate (use of SBAR) promotes better care of the patient who has fallen.  The 30 minute video is clear and concise. 

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- Understand the signficance of falls and their consequences in acute patient care

- Learn the role specific post-fall assessment techniques

- Define your role on an interdisciplinary team in caring for patients after a fall

- Learn how to communicate effectively about falls using "SBAR" (Situaion, Background, Assessment,        Request/Recommendation)

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Mon, 10/17/2016
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Mon, 10/17/2016
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