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Chief Resident Workshop in Bad News Communication & Learner Feedback

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Incoming chief residents from all departments participate in a 90 minutes workshop with the dual objectives of teaching a model for sharing bad news and preparing these physician leaders to give feedback to learners about this important skill.  After reviewing a 6 step model for bad news communication, the chief residents share bad news with standardized patients using two cases of older adults with a new or recurrent cancer diagnosis.  The standardized patients all receive training about the workshop's objectives in a separate session prior to the workshop.  After communicating with the standardized patient, the chief resident receives feedback from the patient, a trained faculty small group facilitator and 1-2 other chief residents.  After both cases are completed, the chief residents gather for a large group discussion about the challenges and opportunities in providing feedback to learners about sensitive topics.  This workshop has been conducted for the past three years, and has received positive evaluations from the participating physicians and the school's Graduate Medical Education Office.

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  1. Recognize bad news communication as a core physician skill
  2. Understand the 6 basic steps used to initially deliver bad news
  3. Practice giving feedback to a resident whom delivered bad news
  4. Identify & discuss challenges of providing feedback about a sensitive topic
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Thu, 10/02/2014
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Thu, 10/02/2014
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