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The Educator's Portfolio & Curriculum Vitae Workshop & Resource Guide

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Faculty seeking to advance in their academic careers with an emphasis on education often struggle with how to document their educational contributions in traditional academic curriculum vitas (CVs) and Educator's Portfolios (EPs). Submission contains annotated PowerPoint slides, worksheets for the Developing Your Educator's Portfolio, an Instructor's Guide, and a resource guide presenting samples of successful educator-focused CVs and associated EPs demonstrating "effective presentation" strategies consistent with Glassick's criteria for scholarship. 

Educational objectives: 

The learner will be able to:

  1. Identify types of educator-related activities (e.g. curriculum development, teaching, administration) and associated evidence consistent with the quantity, quality and engagement in educational community needed for academic promotion.
  2. Examine the format of the standard CV and a CV adapted specifically for educators and actual examples to determine how to effectively incorporate education into a traditional CV format.
  3. Recognize that effective presentation of educator activities and associated audiences draws on one's teaching skills to select presentation formats that match objectives and intended audience and can be included in the Educator's Portfolio.
Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

Consistent with the findings from the AAMC Consensus Conference on Educational Scholarship, this session highlights key features associated with effective documentation and presentation of educators' contributions for academic promotion. Examples are provided to illustrate how to effectively document quantity and quality of educational activities and engagement with community of educators. The resource guide includes a standard academic CV format, an expanded CV format used by educators, seven paired promotion CVs/EPs and additional samples of EPs to highlight selected topics (e.g., grants, community-academic partnerships). The examples allow users to identify someone "who looks like them", thereby teaching how to document educational activities through role modeling/examples. While the CV/EP examples are timeless, updated references are provided in an accompanying instructor's guide.

As indicated in the Instructor's Guide, presenters of the workshop, Teaching Others About Your Excellence as an Educator, should have a strong working knowledge of educational scholarship, understand local promotion and tenure processes, and be familiar with peer-reviewed repositories. The resource guide of CV and EP templates and actual samples is self-explanatory.

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Mon, 02/25/2008
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Sat, 12/11/2010
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