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Advance Care Planning with Surrogate of Older Adult with Dementia

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Medical students are given the opportunity in small groups to practice communication skills with a standardized patient.  Students assume the role of attending physician, who is in charge of this patient’s care while attending on the Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit, and speak to the patient’s adult child. The objective is to have the student discuss the patient’s clinical condition and what the goals of care should be during this hospitalization, i.e., whether the patient should be transferred to the ICU if she worsens and, if so, whether she should be intubated and resuscitated.

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  1. To discuss clinical condition of older adult with surrogate.
  2. To discuss goals of care for a hospitalized older adult with surrogate; specific to CPR, ventilation, and ICU level of care.
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Mon, 10/04/2010
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Mon, 10/04/2010
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