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The purpose of ReCAP (Repository of Electronic Critically Appraised Papers) is to provide a forum for geriatrics fellows and faculty where they can discuss the practice of evidence-based medicine in a systematic way, and hone their skills of clinical decision-making by critically examining evidence presented in recent clinical research papers. These are reviews of the validity of a single study; the ‘bottom lines’ do not reflect comparison with the rest of the literature on the subject.
Title Critique datesort descending
Over the Years, Inactive Women May Lose Function 02/04/2004
Screening for Alzheimer's Disease: The Memory Impairment Screen (MIS) is more accurate than the 3-word memory test 04/26/2004
New Standardized Risk Score Better Predicts 6 Month Mortality of Newly Admitted Nursing Home Patients with Advanced Dementia 01/12/2005
Disease Severity at Diagnosis is Associated with Decreased Survival in Individuals Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Dementia 01/12/2005
Vitamin D Supplements Reduce the Risk of Falls in the Elderly 01/31/2005
Statins Associated with Poorer than Expected Neuropsychological Test Performance in Hypercholesterolemic Adults 05/03/2005
Delirium: a persistent problem; a persistent risk 05/01/2009
A Practice-Based Intervention to Improve Primary Care for Falls, Urinary Incontinence and Dementia 05/01/2009
Hypoglycemic Events in Older Patients with Type 2 DM increases risk of dementia 05/07/2009
A computerized decision support program significantly decreases prescribing of potentially inappropriate medications to older patients. 09/04/2009
An Italian Model of Home-Based Care of Elderly with Acute Decompensated CHF Was Feasible And Efficacious Compared To Traditional Inpatient Hospital Care. 12/01/2009
Prediction of Mortality in Community-living Frail Elderly People with Long-Term Care Needs 01/11/2010
Effect of Age on Survival Benefit of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Elderly Patients with Stage III Colon Cancer 01/27/2010
Vertebroplasty no better than simulated procedure for pain and disability due to osteoprotic spinal fractures. 02/09/2010
Anemia Associated with Higher Mortality Among Adults 85 and Over 02/12/2010
Escitalopram and Enhancement of Cognitive Recovery Following Stroke 04/20/2010
Executive dysfunction and depressive symptoms predict post-operative delirium 05/24/2010
Frailty index, using a deficit accumulation approach, predicts 10 year mortality. 08/25/2010
Mortality risk of commonly prescribed antipsychotic medications. 09/07/2010
Lasofoxifene reduced risk of osteoporotic fractures. 09/07/2010
No cost savings, but some favorable outcomes, from Medicare Coordinated Care Demonstration 09/16/2010
Donepezil improves cognitive function in vascular dementia. 10/12/2010
Multifactorial fall-prevention program does not reduce falls in high-risk, cognitively intact older adults. 10/14/2010
A county-level system improves the rates and outcomes of advance care planning. 10/16/2010
Most social support interventions do not reduce depressive symptoms in stroke survivors. 11/24/2010


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