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McMaster Evidence Updates: High Quality Articles in Aging

This list contains citations to the latest journal articles in the field of geriatrics and is provided by an alert from Evidence Updates at McMaster University. These citations (from over 120 premier clinical journals) are pre-rated for quality by Evidence Updates research staff, then rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 members of a worldwide panel of practicing physicians. Each citation includes a link to the article on PubMed.

Stellar articles are the geriatrics-related articles in Evidence Updates that have been most accessed by registered users and highest rated by McMaster's clinical raters in the last year.

PubMed/Article Link Title Date publishedsort ascending Authors Journal Stellar
22336816 Aspirin, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. 02/15/2012 Jaturapatporn D, Isaac MG, McCleery J, Tabet N
22236802 Memantine for dementia in adults older than 40 years with Down's syndrome (MEADOWS): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. 02/11/2012 Hanney M, Prasher V, Williams N, Jones EL, Aarsland D, Corbett A, Lawrence D, Yu LM, Tyrer S, Francis PT, Johnson T, Bullock R, Ballard C Lancet
22302355 Enhancing Care for Hospitalized Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 02/03/2012 Boustani MA, Campbell NL, Khan BA, Abernathy G, Zawahiri M, Campbell T, Tricker J, Hui SL, Buckley JD, Perkins AJ, Farber MO, Callahan CM
22283717 Efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders in older people: a meta-analysis and meta-regression of randomized controlled trials. 02/01/2012 Gould RL, Coulson MC, Howard RJ
22323677 Conservative management of patients with an osteoporotic vertebral fracture: a review of the literature. 02/01/2012 Longo UG, Loppini M, Denaro L, Maffulli N, Denaro V
21804410 Surgical treatment with an angular stable plate for complex displaced proximal humeral fractures in elderly patients: a randomized controlled trial. 02/01/2012 Fjalestad T, Hole MO, Hovden IA, Blucher J, Stromsoe K
22261206 Exergaming and older adult cognition: a cluster randomized clinical trial. 02/01/2012 Anderson-Hanley C, Arciero PJ, Brickman AM, Nimon JP, Okuma N, Westen SC, Merz ME, Pence BD, Woods JA, Kramer AF, Zimmerman EA
22289232 Effect of exercise on physical function, daily living activities, and quality of life in the frail older adults: a meta-analysis. 02/01/2012 Chou CH, Hwang CL, Wu YT Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
22235087 Association of incident dementia with hospitalizations. 01/11/2012 Phelan EA, Borson S, Grothaus L, Balch S, Larson EB JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association
22235089 Prognostic indices for older adults: a systematic review. 01/11/2012 Yourman LC, Lee SJ, Schonberg MA, Widera EW, Smith AK
22232050 Nicotine treatment of mild cognitive impairment: a 6-month double-blind pilot clinical trial. 01/10/2012 Newhouse P, Kellar K, Aisen P, White H, Wesnes K, Coderre E, Pfaff A, Wilkins H, Howard D, Levin ED
22228392 The Effect of a Pain Management Program on Patients With Cancer Pain. 01/06/2012 Tse MM, Wong AC, Ng HN, Lee HY, Chong MH, Leung WY
22108393 Association between the apolipoprotein E4 and postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients undergoing intravenous anesthesia and inhalation anesthesia. 01/01/2012 Cai Y, Hu H, Liu P, Feng G, Dong W, Yu B, Zhu Y, Song J, Zhao M
22239292 Should care managers for older adults be located in primary care? A randomized controlled trial. 01/01/2012 Parsons M, Senior H, Kerse N, Chen MH, Jacobs S, Vanderhoorn S, Anderson C
21893502 Measures of everyday competence in older adults with cognitive impairment: a systematic review. 01/01/2012 Law LL, Barnett F, Yau MK, Gray MA Age and ageing
22193526 Risk of mortality among individual antipsychotics in patients with dementia. 01/01/2012 Kales HC, Kim HM, Zivin K, Valenstein M, Seyfried LS, Chiang C, Cunningham F, Schneider LS, Blow FC
21982325 A randomized controlled trial to investigate the effects of water-based exercise to improve falls risk and physical function in older adults with lower-extremity osteoarthritis. 01/01/2012 Hale LA, Waters D, Herbison P
22185329 The landscape of knowledge translation interventions in cancer control: What do we know and where to next? A review of systematic reviews. 12/20/2011 Brouwers MC, Garcia K, Makarski J, Daraz L, Control In Canada Project Research Team Eep EE Implementation science : IS
22159849 A prospective randomized trial comparing nonoperative treatment with volar locking plate fixation for displaced and unstable distal radial fractures in patients sixty-five years of age and older. 12/07/2011 Arora R, Lutz M, Deml C, Krappinger D, Haug L, Gabl M The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume
22161450 Support surfaces for treating pressure ulcers. 12/07/2011 McInnes E, Dumville JC, Jammali-Blasi A, Bell-Syer SE Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22161402 Infection control strategies for preventing the transmission of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in nursing homes for older people. 12/07/2011 Hughes C, Smith M, Tunney M, Bradley MC Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22003158 Impact of exercise to improve gait efficiency on activity and participation in older adults with mobility limitations: a randomized controlled trial. 12/01/2011 VanSwearingen JM, Perera S, Brach JS, Wert D, Studenski SA Physical therapy
22188076 Effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle strength, gait and balance in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 12/01/2011 Muir SW, Montero-Odasso M
22092152 Behavioral versus drug treatment for overactive bladder in men: the Male Overactive Bladder Treatment in Veterans (MOTIVE) Trial. 12/01/2011 Burgio KL, Goode PS, Johnson TM, Hammontree L, Ouslander JG, Markland AD, Colli J, Vaughan CP, Redden DT
22091738 Community aging in place, advancing better living for elders: a bio-behavioral-environmental intervention to improve function and health-related quality of life in disabled older adults. 12/01/2011 Szanton SL, Thorpe RJ, Boyd C, Tanner EK, Leff B, Agree E, Xue QL, Allen JK, Seplaki CL, Weiss CO, Guralnik JM, Gitlin LN Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
21949031 Preventing pressure ulcers in long-term care: a cost-effectiveness analysis. 11/14/2011 Pham B, Stern A, Chen W, Sander B, John-Baptiste A, Thein HH, Gomes T, Wodchis WP, Bayoumi A, Machado M, Carcone S, Krahn M Archives of internal medicine
22074851 Functional outcomes of multi-condition collaborative care and successful ageing: results of randomised trial. 11/10/2011 Von Korff M, Katon WJ, Lin EH, Ciechanowski P, Peterson D, Ludman EJ, Young B, Rutter CM BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
22071817 Exercise for improving balance in older people. 11/09/2011 Howe TE, Rochester L, Neil F, Skelton DA, Ballinger C Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22067628 Haloperidol prophylaxis decreases delirium incidence in elderly patients after noncardiac surgery: A randomized controlled trial. 11/03/2011 Wang W, Li HL, Wang DX, Zhu X, Li SL, Yao GQ, Chen KS, Gu XE, Zhu SN Crit Care Med
21849376 The effects of whole body vibration therapy on bone mineral density and leg muscle strength in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 11/01/2011 Lau RW, Liao LR, Yu F, Teo T, Chung RC, Pang MY Clinical rehabilitation
21969017 Health-Related Quality of Life After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in Inoperable Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis. 11/01/2011 Reynolds MR, Magnuson EA, Lei Y, Leon MB, Smith CR, Svensson LG, Webb JG, Babaliaros VC, Bowers BS, Fearon WF, Herrmann HC, Kapadia S, Kodali SK, Makkar RR, Pichard AD, Cohen DJ Circulation
21951687 Comparison of three predictive rules for assessing severity in elderly patients with CAP. 11/01/2011 Ochoa-Gondar O, Vila-Corcoles A, Rodriguez-Blanco T, Ramos F, de Diego C, Salsench E, Gil D, Daniel J, Palacios L, Blade J International journal of clinical practice
21981704 Using a Montessori method to increase eating ability for institutionalised residents with dementia: a crossover design. 11/01/2011 Lin LC, Huang YJ, Watson R, Wu SC, Lee YC Journal of clinical nursing
22016344 Evaluating a complex intervention with a single outcome may not be a good idea: an example from a randomised trial of stroke case management. 11/01/2011 Mayo NE, Scott S Age and ageing
22091958 Concomitant use of cholinesterase inhibitors and anticholinergics: prevalence and outcomes. 11/01/2011 Boudreau DM, Yu O, Gray SL, Raebel MA, Johnson J, Larson EB Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
21820208 Early prevention of pressure ulcers among elderly patients admitted through emergency departments: a cost-effectiveness analysis. 11/01/2011 Pham B, Teague L, Mahoney J, Goodman L, Paulden M, Poss J, Li J, Ieraci L, Carcone S, Krahn M Annals of emergency medicine
22034146 Comprehensive geriatric assessment for older adults admitted to hospital: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. 10/27/2011 Ellis G, Whitehead MA, Robinson D, O'Neill D, Langhorne P BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
21972309 The physician's role in patients' nursing home care: "She's a very courageous and lovely woman. I enjoy caring for her". 10/05/2011 Zweig SC, Popejoy LL, Parker-Oliver D, Meadows SE JAMA
22091496 Subsyndromal delirium in older long-term care residents: incidence, risk factors, and outcomes. 10/01/2011 Cole MG, McCusker J, Voyer P, Monette J, Champoux N, Ciampi A, Vu M, Belzile E Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
21949163 Electronic medical record reminders and panel management to improve primary care of elderly patients. 09/26/2011 Loo TS, Davis RB, Lipsitz LA, Irish J, Bates CK, Agarwal K, Markson L, Hamel MB Archives of internal medicine
21911446 Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole induced hyperkalaemia in elderly patients receiving spironolactone: nested case-control study. 09/12/2011 Antoniou T, Gomes T, Mamdani MM, Yao Z, Hellings C, Garg AX, Weir MA, Juurlink DN BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
22152740 Minimal interventions to decrease long-term use of benzodiazepines in primary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 09/01/2011 Mugunthan K, McGuire T, Glasziou P The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College
21670770 Randomized comparison of three palliative regimens including brachytherapy, photodynamic therapy, and APC in patients with malignant dysphagia (CONSORT 1a) (Revised II). 09/01/2011 Rupinski M, Zagorowicz E, Regula J, Fijuth J, Kraszewska E, Polkowski M, Wronska E, Butruk E The American journal of gastroenterology
21419411 Fewer adverse events as a result of the SAFE or SORRY? programme in hospitals and nursing homes. part i: primary outcome of a cluster randomised trial. 09/01/2011 van Gaal BG, Schoonhoven L, Mintjes JA, Borm GF, Hulscher ME, Defloor T, Habets H, Voss A, Vloet LC, Koopmans RT, van Achterberg T International journal of nursing studies
21810685 Predicting Chemotherapy Toxicity in Older Adults With Cancer: A Prospective Multicenter Study 09/01/2011 Hurria A, Togawa K, Mohile SG, Owusu C, Klepin HD, Gross CP, Lichtman SM, Gajra A, Bhatia S, Katheria V, Klapper S, Hansen K, Ramani R, Lachs M, Wong FL, Tew WP J Clin Oncol.
21383023 Is power training or conventional resistance training better for function in elderly persons? A meta-analysis. 09/01/2011 Tschopp M, Sattelmayer MK, Hilfiker R Age and ageing
21507049 Evaluating the use of a targeted multiple intervention strategy in reducing patient falls in an acute care hospital: a randomized controlled trial. 09/01/2011 Ang E, Mordiffi SZ, Wong HB Journal of advanced nursing
Minimal interventions to decrease long-term use of benzodiazepines in primary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 09/01/2011 Mugunthan K, McGuire T, Glasziou P. Br J Gen Pract
21883116 Cost-effectiveness of oral bisphosphonates for osteoporosis at different ages and levels of life expectancy. 09/01/2011 Pham AN, Datta SK, Weber TJ, Walter LC, Colon-Emeric CS Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
21795660 A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of simvastatin to treat Alzheimer disease. 08/09/2011 Sano M, Bell KL, Galasko D, Galvin JE, Thomas RG, van Dyck CH, Aisen PS Neurology