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McMaster Evidence Updates: High Quality Articles in Aging

This list contains citations to the latest journal articles in the field of geriatrics and is provided by an alert from Evidence Updates at McMaster University. These citations (from over 120 premier clinical journals) are pre-rated for quality by Evidence Updates research staff, then rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 members of a worldwide panel of practicing physicians. Each citation includes a link to the article on PubMed.

Stellar articles are the geriatrics-related articles in Evidence Updates that have been most accessed by registered users and highest rated by McMaster's clinical raters in the last year.

PubMed/Article Link Title Date publishedsort ascending Authors Journal Stellar
22672915 The effect of virtual reality gaming on dynamic balance in older adults. 07/01/2012 Rendon AA, Lohman EB, Thorpe D, Johnson EG, Medina E, Bradley B Age and ageing
22829268 Donepezil for dementia with Lewy bodies: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial. 07/01/2012 Mori E, Ikeda M, Kosaka K Annals of neurology
22729693 Is There Really No Benefit of Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures? A Meta-analysis. 06/23/2012 Shi MM, Cai XZ, Lin T, Wang W, Yan SG Clinical orthopaedics and related research
22711079 Benefits and harms of pharmacologic treatment for urinary incontinence in women: a systematic review. 06/19/2012 Shamliyan T, Wyman JF, Ramakrishnan R, Sainfort F, Kane RL
22696370 Chemotherapy for brain metastases from small cell lung cancer. 06/13/2012 Reveiz L, Rueda JR, Cardona AF
22696317 Antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplements for preventing age-related macular degeneration. 06/13/2012 Evans JR, Lawrenson JG
22696344 Antioxidant vitamin supplementation for preventing and slowing the progression of age-related cataract. 06/13/2012 Mathew MC, Ervin AM, Tao J, Davis RM
22696350 Omega 3 fatty acid for the prevention of cognitive decline and dementia. 06/13/2012 Sydenham E, Dangour AD, Lim WS Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22689716 Risk of acute coronary syndrome in elderly users of antipsychotic drugs: a nested case-control study. 06/11/2012 Kleijer BC, Koek HL, van Marum RJ, Jansen PA, Egberts TC, Heerdink ER
22685164 Clinical benefits of oral nutritional supplementation for elderly hip fracture patients: a single blind randomised controlled trial. 06/08/2012 Myint MW, Wu J, Wong E, Chan SP, To TS, Chau MW, Ting KH, Fung PM, Au KS
22646750 Screening for cognitive impairment: comparing the performance of four instruments in primary care. 06/01/2012 Holsinger T, Plassman BL, Stechuchak KM, Burke JR, Coffman CJ, Williams JW Jr
22610196 Delirium screening in critically ill patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 06/01/2012 Neto AS, Nassar AP Jr, Cardoso SO, Manetta JA, Pereira VG, Esposito DC, Damasceno MC, Slooter AJ
22618926 Hip fracture management: tailoring care for the older patient. 05/23/2012 Hung WW, Egol KA, Zuckerman JD, Siu AL
22618925 Effect of a guideline-based multicomponent intervention on use of physical restraints in nursing homes: a randomized controlled trial. 05/23/2012 Kopke S, Muhlhauser I, Gerlach A, Haut A, Haastert B, Mohler R, Meyer G
22619194 Derivation and validation of updated QFracture algorithm to predict risk of osteoporotic fracture in primary care in the United Kingdom: prospective open cohort study. 05/22/2012 Hippisley-Cox J, Coupland C
22592727 Interventions to improve the appropriate use of polypharmacy for older people. 05/16/2012 Patterson SM, Hughes C, Kerse N, Cardwell CR, Bradley MC
22591985 Efficacy of treatments for orthostatic hypotension: a systematic review. 05/16/2012 Logan IC, Witham MD
22592721 Spiritual and religious interventions for well-being of adults in the terminal phase of disease. 05/16/2012 Candy B, Jones L, Varagunam M, Speck P, Tookman A, King M
22589080 Preventing delirium in an acute hospital using a non-pharmacological intervention. 05/15/2012 Martinez FT, Tobar C, Beddings CI, Vallejo G, Fuentes P
22589500 Effectiveness of dementia follow-up care by memory clinics or general practitioners: randomised controlled trial. 05/15/2012 Meeuwsen EJ, Melis RJ, Van Der Aa GC, Goluke-Willemse GA, De Leest BJ, Van Raak FH, Scholzel-Dorenbos CJ, Verheijen DC, Verhey FR, Visser MC, Wolfs CA, Adang EM, Olde Rikkert MG BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
22443479 Two-year outcomes after transcatheter or surgical aortic-valve replacement. 05/03/2012 Kodali SK, Williams MR, Smith CR, et al. N Engl J Med
22443478 Transcatheter aortic-valve replacement for inoperable severe aortic stenosis. 05/03/2012 Makkar RR, Fontana GP, Jilaihawi H, Kapadia S, Pichard AD, Douglas PS, Thourani VH, Babaliaros VC, Webb JG, Herrmann HC, Bavaria JE, Kodali S, Brown DL, Bowers B, Dewey TM, Svensson LG, Tuzcu M, Moses JW, Williams MR, Siegel RJ, Akin JJ, Anderson WN, Pocock S, Smith CR, Leon MB, PARTNER Trial Investigators N Engl J Med
22436797 Early treatment with risperidone for subsyndromal delirium after on-pump cardiac surgery in the elderly: a randomized trial. 05/01/2012 Hakim SM, Othman AI, Naoum DO
22402971 Restricted intravenous fluid regimen reduces the rate of postoperative complications and alters immunological activity of elderly patients operated for abdominal cancer: a randomized prospective clinical trail. 05/01/2012 Gao T, Li N, Zhang JJ, Xi FC, Chen QY, Zhu WM, Yu WK, Li JS World journal of surgery
22585884 Healthy steps trial: pedometer-based advice and physical activity for low-active older adults. 05/01/2012 Kolt GS, Schofield GM, Kerse N, Garrett N, Ashton T, Patel A
22412129 Palliative Sedation in End-of-Life Care and Survival: A Systematic Review. 04/20/2012 Maltoni M, Scarpi E, Rosati M, Derni S, Fabbri L, Martini F, Amadori D, Nanni O
22523305 On-Pump versus Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Elderly Patients: Results from the Danish On-Pump versus Off-Pump Randomization Study (DOORS). 04/20/2012 Houlind K, Kjeldsen BJ, Madsen SN, Rasmussen BS, Holme SJ, Nielsen PH, Mortensen PE
22508733 New fibrate use and acute renal outcomes in elderly adults: a population-based study. 04/17/2012 Zhao YY, Weir MA, Manno M, Cordy P, Gomes T, Hackam DG, Juurlink DN, Mamdani M, Moist L, Parikh CR, Paterson JM, Wald R, Yao Z, Garg AX Annals of internal medicine
22507696 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Telemonitoring in Older Adults With Multiple Health Issues to Prevent Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits. 04/16/2012 Takahashi PY, Pecina JL, Upatising B, Chaudhry R, Shah ND, Van Houten H, Cha S, Croghan I, Naessens JM, Hanson GJ
22503610 Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker-based Therapy in Japanese Elderly, High-risk, Hypertensive Patients. 04/14/2012 Ogawa H, Kim-Mitsuyama S, Matsui K, Jinnouchi T, Jinnouchi H, Arakawa K
22422744 Identifying community based chronic heart failure patients in the last year of life: a comparison of the Gold Standards Framework Prognostic Indicator Guide and the Seattle Heart Failure Model. 04/01/2012 Haga K, Murray S, Reid J, Ness A, O'Donnell M, Yellowlees D, Denvir MA Heart (British Cardiac Society)
22419320 Antioxidant supplements for prevention of mortality in healthy participants and patients with various diseases. 03/14/2012 Bjelakovic G, Nikolova D, Gluud LL, Simonetti RG, Gluud C Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22419318 Statins for age-related macular degeneration. 03/14/2012 Gehlbach P, Li T, Hatef E Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22419314 Cholinesterase inhibitors for dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson's disease dementia and cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease. 03/14/2012 Rolinski M, Fox C, Maidment I, McShane R Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
22419313 Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) for cancer pain in adults. 03/14/2012 Hurlow A, Bennett MI, Robb KA, Johnson MI, Simpson KH, Oxberry SG
22397651 Donepezil and memantine for moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease. 03/08/2012 Howard R, McShane R, Lindesay J, Ritchie C, Baldwin A, Barber R, Burns A, Dening T, Findlay D, Holmes C, Hughes A, Jacoby R, Jones R, Jones R, McKeith I, Macharouthu A, O'Brien J, Passmore P, Sheehan B, Juszczak E, Katona C, Hills R, Knapp M, Ballard C, Brown R, Banerjee S, Onions C, Griffin M, Adams J, Gray R, Johnson T, Bentham P, Phillips P N Engl J Med
22405402 Interventions to support a palliative care approach in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: An integrative review. 03/07/2012 Disler RT, Currow DC, Phillips JL, Smith T, Johnson MJ, Davidson PM
22393205 Benefits From Antidepressants: Synthesis of 6-Week Patient-Level Outcomes From Double-blind Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trials of Fluoxetine and Venlafaxine. 03/05/2012 Gibbons RD, Hur K, Brown CH, Davis JM, Mann JJ
22236655 Depression in older people in the general hospital: a systematic review of screening instruments. 03/01/2012 Dennis M, Kadri A, Coffey J
22409735 Health-promoting interventions for persons aged 80 and older are successful in the short term--results from the randomized and three-armed Elderly Persons in the Risk Zone study. 03/01/2012 Gustafsson S, Wilhelmson K, Eklund K, Gosman-Hedstrom G, Ziden L, Kronlof GH, Hojgaard B, Slinde F, Rothenberg E, Landahl S, Dahlin-Ivanoff S
22324753 Long-term effects of three multicomponent exercise interventions on physical performance and fall-related psychological outcomes in community-dwelling older adults: a randomized controlled trial. 03/01/2012 Freiberger E, Haberle L, Spirduso WW, Zijlstra GA
22035368 Effects of music on depression in older people: a randomised controlled trial. 03/01/2012 Chan MF, Wong ZY, Onishi H, Thayala NV
22198639 Prolonged strength training in older patients after hip fracture: a randomised controlled trial. 03/01/2012 Sylliaas H, Brovold T, Wyller TB, Bergland A
22329408 Barthel Index-Enhanced Feedback for Effective Cardiac Treatment (BI-EFFECT) Study: contribution of the Barthel Index to the Heart Failure Risk Scoring System model in elderly adults with acute heart failure in the emergency department. 03/01/2012 Martin-Sanchez FJ, Gil V, Llorens P, Herrero P, Jacob J, Fernandez C, Miro O
22198652 Cemented versus uncemented hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fractures: a prospective randomized trial with early follow-up. 03/01/2012 Deangelis JP, Ademi A, Staff I, Lewis CG
22362541 Differential risk of death in older residents in nursing homes prescribed specific antipsychotic drugs: population based cohort study. 02/23/2012 Huybrechts KF, Gerhard T, Crystal S, Olfson M, Avorn J, Levin R, Lucas JA, Schneeweiss S
22352414 All-Cause 1-, 5-, and 10-Year Mortality in Elderly People According to Activities of Daily Living Stage. 02/21/2012 Stineman MG, Xie D, Pan Q, Kurichi JE, Zhang Z, Saliba D, Henry-Sánchez JT, Streim J J Am Geriatr Soc
22336816 Aspirin, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. 02/15/2012 Jaturapatporn D, Isaac MG, McCleery J, Tabet N
22336858 Whole-body vibration training for patients with neurodegenerative disease. 02/15/2012 Sitja Rabert M, Rigau Comas D, Fort Vanmeerhaeghe A, Santoyo Medina C, Roque I Figuls M, Romero-Rodriguez D, Bonfill Cosp X
22336826 Functional analysis-based interventions for challenging behaviour in dementia. 02/15/2012 Moniz Cook ED, Swift K, James I, Malouf R, De Vugt M, Verhey F