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Medical Student Synthesis Block - Hazards of Hospitalization


Medical Student Synthesis Block - Hazards of Hospitalization

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Elizabeth Harlow, MD, Tabitha Berger, Brianna Harder, Debra Mostek
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As part of the new curriculum at the University of Nebraska Medical School, geriatrics was utilized as “synthesis block”.  This allowed the presentation of geriatric material with the emphasis of review of material previously learned in the core curriculum in preparation for boards.  The cases were developed with this emphasis on review with the design to teach the information through a geriatric lens.  We addressed several of the major geriatric syndromes while reviewing board-pertinent information through discussion of cases.  The cases that follow were presented in the section of the course focused on the hazards associated with hospitalization.

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1. Identify potential hazards of hospitalization for all older adult patients.
2. Identify potential prevention strategies for potential hazards of hospitalization in older adults.

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