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Palliative Care of a Patient with End-Stage Liver Disease: An Unfolding Case Study


Palliative Care of a Patient with End-Stage Liver Disease: An Unfolding Case Study

University of Washington
Paula Cox, Megan Moore, Hilaire J. Thompson, Patricia Kritek, Leigh Ann Mike, Phyllis Christianson, Joelle T. Fathi, Janet Lenart, Marni Levy, Kumhee Ro
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
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This case study was developed for use in academic coursework and as a standalone training for health care providers (MDs, ARNP, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Nurses). This unfolding case study about the management of an adult in the midst of a health crisis. This case is a composite of many actual cases seen in clinical practice. During the course of this case study, learners are presented with information as the providers learn of the patient’s emergent and ongoing health concerns – from his Emergency Department admission through the development of his palliative care plan. Learners are asked to make decisions and use their best judgment about how to care for this patient and family.

Educational objectives: 

By the end of this case study, the learner will be better able to:

  1. Understand the natural history and disease management of end stage liver disease (ESLD).
  2. Use evidence-based practice to collaboratively develop and refine goals of care for patients with chronic, progressive conditions.
  3. Work interprofessionally to ensure the best quality of care for the patient and family.
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2 hours
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Yes, I (we) have conflict of interest to disclose.
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Paula Cox has a conflict of interest to disclose. She is a member of the hepatitis B and C Nurse Practitioner Advisory Board for Gilead Sciences. Her role is to review current standards of practice yearly among nurse practitioners in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C, and provide an assessment in the gaps between the available literature and current practices. She does receive an honorarium for my advisory role with this manufacturer of commercial products. This is not a conflict of interest for this particular project as this case does not involve the treatment or management of chronic hepatitis B or C.
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Hilaire J. Thompson

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