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Simulation Curriculum for Geriatric Medicine Fellows


Simulation Curriculum for Geriatric Medicine Fellows

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
MD, Gregory J Hanson, Ericka E Tung
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This material consists of a suite of nine simulated clinical cases, divided into three separate sessions of three cases each, intended to be conducted in a simulation center with simulated patients.  Cases are designed to teach geriatric medicine fellows and other appropriate learners basic geriatric assessment skills (Session one), how to navigate difficult situations in long-term care (Session two), and high-level communication skills in palliative and end-of-life care (Session three).  Each case consists of a multi-page document outlining scripts for the learner as well as the roles (patient, family member, facility staff, etc) portrayed by actors, necessary props and supporting materials, and instructions for evaluating and debriefing the learner.  Also contained in each document are Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA), Curricular Milestones (CM), and Reporting Milestones (RM) relevant to the case.

Educational objectives: 

- Efficiently and effectively assess and manage common geriatric syndromes in a variety of clinical settings.

- Demonstrate the ability to navigate difficult communication scenarios in a long-term care environment, while providing leadership, mediating conflict between interdisciplinary team members and/or family members, and providing high quality care.

- Provide compassionsate, patient-centered care at the end of life, using high-level communication strategies.

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