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Mobility Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)


Mobility Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

Yale School of Medicine: Connecticut Older Adult Collaboration for Health (COACH) Program
Barry J. Wu, MD, Anrdea M. Rink, RN, Eileen A. Blake, BS, MPH, Lisa M. Walke MD
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
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This mobility Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX) is designed to use with a learner during an actual patient encounter. The leaner first views the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) videos on the Timed Up and Go Test, 30 Second Chair Stand and 4 Stage Balance tests and handouts prior to the administration of the Mini-CEX. The teacher observes the learner during the patient encounter and completes the Mini-CEX. The teacher reviews the form with the learner and provides feedback of what skill was observed, partially observed, not observed, not applicable and comments about the encounter.

Educational objectives: 

Learners who are administered this mobility Mini-CEX will:

1)acquire knowedgle about various tests for mobiilty, strength and balance.

2)be observed assessing mobility during a patient encounter.

3)receive feedback about their communcation and professionalism skills in assessing mobility.

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30 minutes
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No, I (we) have nothing to disclose.
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Dr. Barry J. Wu

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