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Medication Safety: A Key Ingredient to Your Health

Medication Safety: A Key Ingredient to Your Health

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Andrew Dentino, MD, FACP, AGSF, FAPA, FAAHPM, Mark Stratton, Pharm.D., CGP, FASHPPharm D
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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'Medication Safety' is a training module designed to education older adults, caregivers, and healthcare students on key issues related to geriatric pharmacy. Topics include polypharmacy, over-the-counter products, health literacy and communication with healthcare providers. Training materials include a brochure and facilitator's manual.

Educational objectives: 

Participants will understand how age-related changes impact the effects of medications.

Participants will understand the dangers of adverse drug interactions.

Participants will be able to identify questions to ask a healthcare provider when new medications are prescribed.

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45 minutes
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