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Geriatrics Self Learning Tools For Residents


Geriatrics Self Learning Tools For Residents

Montefiore Medical Center
Michael Bogaisky, MD
Geriatrics Academic Career Award (GACA)
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The enclosed materials are learning tools developed to help medical residents on the geriatrics rotation at Montefiore Medical Center master delirium screening, dementia screening and falls risk evaluation. Each tool consists of a short description of the definition and epidemiology of the respective syndrome followed by a screening instrument for the syndrome. Residents are given the tools at the start of the rotation and are asked to practice each of the assessments on at least two patients. To ensure that they receive feedback on their performance of the assessment, the residents are given a log sheet for preceptors to fill out after each assessment. Logs are reviewed at the end of the rotation. Residents are also given a reading packet at the start of the rotation with more in depth information on the above topics as well as other geriatrics topics.  

Educational objectives: 

Learners will review knowledge of dementia, falls and delirium.

Learners will gain the ability to perform assessments for dementia, falls and delirium 

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Permission pending for use of the 3DCAM

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1 hour
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No, I (we) have nothing to disclose.
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Michael Bogaisky, MD

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