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MDTea Podcast

Iain Wilkinson, MA, MBBS, MRCP, FHEA, Preston Jo, MBBS, MRCP
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The MDTea podcasts are a series of podcasts designed for health and social care staff caring for older patients. Each episode we present a single topic relevant to the whole MDT caring for older people. Examples include: comprehensive geriatric assessment, Delirium, continence management, acture stroke presentaiton, communication with patients with cognitive decline, frailty and diagnosing dementia. 

Episodes are around 30 minutes long and each episode comes with referenced show notes and a free infographic. They are mapped to the UK postgraduate curriculums.


Availiable at: or via itunes

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These are specific to each episode and can be found at the top of the show notes

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30 minutes
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Yes, I (we) have conflict of interest to disclose.
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Has recieved funding from Astellas and UCB pharmaceuticals for delivering educational materials
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Iain Wilkinson, MBBS, MRCP

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