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Interdisciplinary Health Profession Module Videos

Interdisciplinary Health Profession Module Videos

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Peter Boling, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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Care teams often don't know how to effectively and efficiently collaborate when addressing a patient’s health. Depending on a patient’s needs, team leadership can shift at any given moment from one person to another. Because of this constant jockeying and adaptation, educating learners about their own interprofessional relationships is becoming incredibly important. These videos and the corresponding text supplements provide a context for interprofessional team members to discover more about what it takes to become a member of another profession. This knowledge, combined with their own experiences and clinical practice, will assist in preparing learners for the next-generation of team-based healthcare.

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After watching these short 2-3 minute videos, interprofessional teams will be able to contextualize their own relationship within the group dynamic, understand the educational requirements that go into other disciplines, and formulate an effective team-based learning approach for future activities.

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45 minutes
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Peter Boling, MD

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