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Elder Care A Resource for Interprofessional Providers: Multiple Myeloma


Elder Care A Resource for Interprofessional Providers: Multiple Myeloma

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Onyee Chan, MD, Andrew Yeager, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Geriatric Education Center (GEC)
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Multiple Myeloma  is one of a continuing series of practical, evidence based, Provider Fact Sheets which summarize key geriatric topics and provide clinically useful assessments and interventions. Initially developed for remote, rural clinical sites, they are useful for students and health care professionals from many fields and across a very broad range of health care settings.

Educational objectives: 
  1. Explain what are CRAB events used in the diagnosis of multiple myeloma
  2. State the percentage of patients with monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) that will develop multiple myeloma each year
  3. Use the frailty scoring system to help determine whether a patient with multiple myeloma is sufficiently fit to undergo treatment
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