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Introduction to the Geriatric History and Physical Exam


Introduction to the Geriatric History and Physical Exam

University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Mariana Dangiolo, MD , Monica Bailey, Andrea Berry, MPA
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With a growing number of older adult patients entering the health care system and fewer students and residents pursing geriatric medicine,1,2 it is critical to prepare all medical students, no matter their specialty choice, with the basic knowledge and skills needed to care for the older adult population. 

The Geriatric History and Physical Exam Skills Module was designed to orient pre-clinical medical students to the common screening tools, physical exam maneuvers and common findings relevant to older adult patients.  This highly interactive module also presents pertinent modifications that need to be made when interviewing and examining the population.  The resource is most useful for second year medical students who have been introduced to history and physical exam skills on normal adult patients.  Requiring about 15 minutes to complete, this module incorporates self-assessment questions, radiographic images and high yield concepts for an early medical student.



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  2. Golden, A. G., Silverman, M. A., & Issenberg, S. B. (2015). Addressing the shortage of geriatricians: What medical educators can learn from the nurse practitioner training model. Academic Medicine, 90(9), 1236-1240.


Educational objectives: 

By the end of the module, a learner will be able to:

  1. Recognize pertinent modifications for the interview and clinical exam of older adults
  2. Practice functional assessment and physical exam maneuvers of older adults by responding to questions
  3. Identify common findings in the geriatric exam
  4. Utilize screening tools to identify common geriatric syndromes
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15 minutes
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