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Error Disclosure: An Interprofessional Clinical Skills Session


Error Disclosure: An Interprofessional Clinical Skills Session

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Tara DuVal, MD, Lynne Kirk, MD, Kim Hoggatt Krumwiede, MA, James Wagner, MD, Mindi Anderson, RN, Kathryn Daniel, MS, CPNP, PhD, Kristine Nelson, MSN, Judy L. LeFlore, MSN, CPNP, PhD, Carla Mosley
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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The goal of this clinical skills session is for students to gain skills in working in teams during a particularly difficult situation: the team disclosure of medical errors.  There will be an encounter with a standardized patient (SP) acting as a family member, followed by feedback from the SP and for some students, a review of the recorded interview in a meeting with their mentors and mentor group.

Educational objectives: 

At completion of this case, the student will demonstrate effective team communication behaviors when:

  1. Discussing a medical error (by demonstrating four important principles),
  2. Planning for the disclosure (by demonstrating three important principles), and
  3. Conducting the disclosure (by demonstrating eight important principles).

The principles mentioned above are described in the online module.

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30 minutes
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