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A Geriatric Interview with the Gynecologist


A Geriatric Interview with the Gynecologist

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Mary Jane Pearson, MD, Irwin Kerber, MD, Belinda Vicioso, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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Assessing and treating gynecologic conditions is important in all decades of a woman's life.  Each decade of life presents a unique set of issues for women.  During the senior period of a woman's life, the conditions to assess can be nongynecologic in nature including osteoporosis, fall risk, memory and activities of daily living.  This video will help serve as a guide when screening the older adult female population for any issues related to aging.  If issues do exist, referral to a geriatric specialist may be appropriate for further evaluation.

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After reviewing the video, the learner should be able to:

1) to conduct a thorough gynecologic and nongynecologic history in the older adult female population such as osteoporosis, fall risk, memory and activities of daily living. 

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Gynecologists:  Mary Jane Pearson, MD; Irwin Kerber, MD

Geriatrician:  Belinda Vicioso, MD


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