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Clinical Teaching Vignette (Preceptor Version)


Clinical Teaching Vignette (Preceptor Version)

University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Amy Holtthouser, MD, Shannon Pearce, MD, Grace Varas, MD, Jennifer Larson, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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This clinical vignette is designed to evaluate medical student skills in specific areas of geriatric and palliative medicine. It is separated into four days. Student complete one day of the vignette each day, beginning with Monday and finishing Thursday. Discussion of responses to vignette questions with preceptors is encouraged, and preceptors are asked to review students' answers, provide feedback and sign off on each day's questions. Topics covered include risk factors and prevention of falls in older adults; BEERS Criteria application to a patient case; pain management for an older adult; and, health communication and delivery of bad news to a patient.

Educational objectives: 

On completion, the learner will be able to:

  1. Identify risk factors of falls and describe approaches to reduce falls.
  2. Identify signs and symptoms of delirium and recognize common causes of delirium.
  3. Outline a pain management plan including an initial opioid drug regimen.
  4. Generate a 6-step approach based on SPIKES to use when discussing the bad news.  
Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

This vignette can be used alone or in combination with the TEXAS Medical Clerkship Program. The estimated completion time is per day of vignette activity.

The vignette was developed by Amy L Holthouser, MD and adapted with premission by Shannon Pearce, DNP, Grace Varas, OD, and Jennifer Larson, MSE

This product was reviewed by UT Health.

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45 minutes
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