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Osteoporosis Educational Series


Osteoporosis Educational Series

University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Nahid Rianon, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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This three-part lecture series provides an overview of  topics related to the elderly and osteoporosis. The lectures are designed to be presented in sequence and illustrate learning principles developed for residents but suitable for a variety of learner levels.

Lecture one: A Public Health Problem of Older Age

Lecture two: Pathogenesis and Risk Factors

Lecture three: Treatment and Prevention

Educational objectives: 

Lecture one:

  1. Define osteoporosis
  2. Describe the health impact of osteoporotic fractures from an individual to health care system level.
  3. Identify the generally recommended DEXA site to diagnose osteoporosis.

Lecture two:

  1. Explain normal and abnormal state of bone metabolism
  2. Define bone remodeling
  3. Identify risk factors for bone loss
  4. Calculate risk of facture

Lecture three:

  1. Characterize the pathophysiology of osteoporosis
  2. Identify the clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis
  3. Summarize treatment and prevention options
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Speaker notes are embedded within the PowerPoint Presentation.

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1 hour
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Nahid Rianon, MD

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Submitted by randakarim on

all 3 lectures slides were good and informative, concise, to the point and easy to understand

thank you,

Randa Karim

Submitted by sreddy on

Very educational and relevant to both geriatrics and general internal medicine practice.

Thank you,


Sridhar Reddy

Submitted by Parinita Dherange on

Excellent power point presentation- reviews osteoporosis from incidence, pathophysiology,diagnosis, treatment as well as progression monitoring.

Submitted by Parinita Dherange on

Excellent power point presentations - reviews the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment very well

Submitted by sezratd on

Wonderful resources. 

Submitted by saurabhr on

Geater content for refresher!

Submitted by oniasiu on

Great review of pathophys of the subject material as well as clinically relevent recommendations for screening/treatment.