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Reflective Practice Paper


Reflective Practice Paper

Tamara Zurakowski, CT, Susan Keim, CT, Maryellen O'Hara, CT, Lauren Massimo, CT, Beth Quigley, CT
Geropsychiatric Nursing Collaborative (GPNC)
Hartford Geriatric Nursing Initiative (HGNI)
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This guided reflective practice paper allows individuals to realize and interpret their perceptions of aging. Individuals choose from a list of publications and complete a series of exercises. Grading criteria are provided.

Educational objectives: 
  • realize and interpret perceptions of aging
  • appreciate first-person experiences with aging
  • summarize or discuss briefly  nursing knowledge, theory, or research related to aging
  • identify and analyze an ethical dilemma related to aging
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The grading criteria are based on the Model for Structured Reflection (MSR) as described by Johns, C. (2004). Becoming a reflective practitioner: A reflective and holistic approach to clinical nursing, practice development and clinical supervision, Rev. Ed..  Oxford: Blackwell Science.

Identified by the Geropsychiatric Nursing Collaborative as being useful for infusing geropsychiatric nursing content into curricula.See Geropsychiatric Nursing Curriculum Materials.

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