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Surgical Videotaped Standardized Patient Interview


Surgical Videotaped Standardized Patient Interview

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
Amy Ehrlich, MS, Debra Greenberg, MS, Keerti Sharma, MS, Arnold Berlin, MS
John A. Hartford Foundation
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This Surgical Observed Standardized Patient (SP) Interview is designed to be used with second year general surgical residents. The goal is to assess the resident's competence in obtaining a history from an older adult in the ambulatory setting.

Educational objectives: 

The case is designed to evaluate surgical resident’s ability to elicit the following core competencies in geriatrics assessment during a Standardized Patient Interview:

  • Recognize presence of hearing impairment.
  • Recognize and formally evaluate ‘mild cognitive impairment’.
  • Recognize presence of functional impairment and evaluate functional status. 
  • Obtain a detailed social history. 
  • Explain the impact of above limitations on peri-operative planning.





Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

Structure of Videotaped SP Interview

  • This exercise can be integrated into an ongoing geriatrics curriculum for general surgical residents.
  • An overview of the educational goals and patient characteristics is discussed with the residents prior to the session (15 minutes)
  • Training of SP (30 minutes)
  • The residents are videotaped performing a functional assessment of an SP (20 minutes)
  • The residents complete a self-assessment tool (3 minutes)
  • The SP completes a resident assessment tool (3 minutes)
  • The videotape is reviewed by the faculty with a standardized assessment tool (20 minutes)
  • A group session to provide formative feedback is conducted with geriatrics and surgical faculty.

 Requirements for Exercise

  • Office space with videotaping capabilities
  • Wheel-chair
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45 minutes
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No, I (we) have nothing to disclose.
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