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Numb and Number: A Practical Approach to Peripheral Neuropathy


Numb and Number: A Practical Approach to Peripheral Neuropathy

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Vivyenne Roche, LCSW, Mike Singer, LCSW, Lindsay Oksenberg, LCSW
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If one of your weaknesses is a brief comprehensive peripheral nerve examination and you encounter patients with peripheral neuropathy then this is the module for you. This product is a self-directed interactive web-based module. It will tune up your anatomy skills (including the brachial plexus and lumbo-sacral plexus) and is presented within a clinical framework. It includes key aspects of history-taking, a step-wise clinical exam, etiologies, evaluation, management, a quiz, references and even the Texas Plexus Game to test your new skills. It emphasizes a “how-to” approach. It may be used by a wide range of learners including medical students, residents from internal medicine, and family practice, advanced nurse practitioners, physician assistants and geriatric medicine fellows.

Educational objectives: 

Educational objectives

  1. Review the anatomy of the peripheral nervous system
  2. Take a focused history from a patient with peripheral neuropathy
  3. Perform a concise examination of the patient’s peripheral nervous system
  4. Outline the most common etiologies and develop an effective work up and evaluation strategy
  5. Provide a practical treatment plan that includes optimizing physical function 
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30 minutes
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