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SAGE Intrinsic Aging: A Histological Perspective: Skin Module


SAGE Intrinsic Aging: A Histological Perspective: Skin Module

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Lindsay Oksenberg, MPH, Judith Head, MPH, Amit Shah, MPH
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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Module#1: Skin - This is the first of a series of highly interactive modules to teach the normal changes of aging and the clinical implications of these aging-related changes via histology.   A highlight of these modules are side by side comparison of young and aged tissues with interactive slides and summary drawings which reinforce the main points on the histology slides.   The curriculum is appealing to clinical learners as it is anchored in showing clinically relevant changes and the implications of these changes in older patients. The main audience is the pre-clinical first or second year medical student, but these could be used by other trainees.  For example, the skin module would be an excellent review for a dermatology residency program and all of the modules could be used in geriatrics fellowship programs to teach the basic science of aging.

Educational objectives: 

Learning Objectives for skin module:

Identify the major aging associated changes in each of the following layers and parts of skin and describe the clinical implications of these changes:

  1. Epidermis
  2. Dermis
  3. Pilo-sebacaous Units (Hair Follicles, Sebaceous Glands)
  4. Sweat Glands
  5. Sensory Compenents (Pacinian and Meissner’s Corpuscles)
  6. Subcuteanous/ (Subdermis/Hypodermis)
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Southwestern Aging and Geriatrics Education (SAGE) Program

Intrinsic Aging: A Histological Perspective

Module #1:  Skin

Lead Author: Judith Head, PhD   

Illustrator: Lindsay Oksenberg, MA

Geriatrician Author/Clinical Correlations: Amit Shah, MD

Special thanks to histology technician:  Brie Thaden Pirkle

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30 minutes
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Dr. Judith Head, Miss Lindsay Oksenberg and Dr. Amit Shah. SAGE Intrinsic Aging: A Histological Perspective: Skin Module. POGOe - Portal of Geriatrics Online Education; 2010 Available from: