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Spirituality & End of Life OSCE


Spirituality & End of Life OSCE

Boston University School of Medicine
Matthew Russell, MD, MSc
Geriatrics Academic Career Award (GACA)
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The purpose of this OSCE is for the trainee to acknowledge, address, and work with patient spirituality as it impacts health care decisions. Spirituality and religious beliefs are commonly raised by patients and families and are frequently accessed to assist them in making difficult decisions in their health care.

Educational objectives: 

Upon completion fellows will demonstrate:

  1. Ability to obtain a focused patient history
  2. Ability to discuss patient's spirituality and its impact on health care decisions
Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

Standardized patients need to be familiarized with the case and use of the history content checklist. Use of an exam room and faculty observation room is also necessary.

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30 minutes
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No, I (we) have nothing to disclose.
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