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Depression Management 7: Insurance Access for Depression Care

Depression Management 7: Insurance Access for Depression Care

Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University
Doris Chechotka-McQuade, PhD, Tarae Waddell-Terry, MS, Lisa Mattei, PA-C, Shawn Calkins, PA-C
Geriatric Education Center (GEC)
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Access to mental health benefits has proved to be a challenge for the older adult. Some older adults receive insurance through employer sponsored programs; while others receive insurance through public sponsored programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Specific challenges relating to access and mental health coverage include: inpatient services, the number of visits, drug coverage, transportation issues and other gaps. This module examines the older adult's access to mental health care and insurance coverage. It also includes pre-test, post-test and exercises. A certificate of completion is awarded, after completing the module in its entirety.

Educational objectives: 

Upon completion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the main mental health insurance benefits through Medicare and Medicaid for treatment of depression.
  • Recognize the positive and negative impact of mental health insurance benefits on the access and outcome of treatment for depression.
  • Review the specific challenges of rural elderly in accessing and complying with mental health services for depression.
  • Incorporate the caregivers (family and friends) into accessing and complying with care for depressed older persons.
  • Develop an interprofessional plan of care through a case study.
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30 minutes
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Dr. Doris Chechotka-McQuade, PhD, Ms. Lisa Mattei, MPAS, PA-C, Mr. Shawn Calkins and Tarae Waddell-Terry, MS. Depression Management 7: Insurance Access for Depression Care. POGOe - Portal of Geriatrics Online Education; 2010 Available from: