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Healthy Aging Rounds


Healthy Aging Rounds

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Mindy Fain, FACN, M. Jane Mohler, FACN, Lynne Tomasa, FACN
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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"Healthy Aging Rounds" provide third year medical students with an opportunity to engage in a discussion with healthy older adults. Students employ interviewing techniques through “elder chats” in order to gain a broader and evidence based understanding of aging with specific focus on physical activity prescription, and social engagement counseling in trained community dwelling healthy elder mentors. Our toolkit includes: 1) “How To” instructions for use; 2) Mentor recruitment flyer and training session outline; 3) Exercise and Social Engagement Assessment worksheets; and 4) Mentor and Student evaluations.

Educational objectives: 

By the end of this 2-hour Intersession, students will be able to: 1. Design an evidence-based exercise prescription which incorporates 3 components (frequency and time; intensity, progression) into the older adult’s existing aerobic exercise, resistance training, and/or flexibility training programs. 2. Practice physical activity counseling based on an assessment of the older adult’s current level of physical activity. 3. Explain how social networks and social engagement may preserve cognition, function, and well-being by providing 3 specific examples. 4. Practice interviewing skills to assess an older adult’s social networks and social engagements.

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2 hours 30 minutes
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