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HGNI: The Geriatric Nurse Educator, The Pathway to Teaching


HGNI: The Geriatric Nurse Educator, The Pathway to Teaching

Penn State University
Hartford Geriatric Nursing Initiative (HGNI)
John A. Hartford Foundation
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This is the second video in The Geriatric Nurse Educator: A Career for a Lifetime video series, a series of geriatric nursing recruitment videos. This video "The Pathway to Teaching" targets nurses considering a masters degree and highlights the benefits of both geriatric nursing and being a nurse educator. The video provides statistics on aging in the United States and points out the lack of Geriatric Nursing faculty.  It focuses on the positive aspects of the educator role and is best used for recruiting into MS programs. The video is seven minutes long.

The 2008 IOM Report: Re-tooling For An Aging America brought to national attention the critical need for development of the health care workforce so all are prepared to care for the next generation of olders adults.  While all health care workers need the knowledge and skills to deliver basic care to older adults, there is also a huge void in the number of nurses who have expertise in geriatric nursing.  These individuals are needed to adequately care for the most complex cases and to train other health care providers.  This need for geriatric nursing faculty was the impetus for the the development of The Geriatric Nurse Educator: A Career for a Lifetime video series.  Each of the videos in the series have slightly different messages. To view the rest of the series, please visit

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  • Discuss what it means to be a geriatric nurse.
  • Discuss the benefits of being a nurse educator.
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