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Old Age in the New Age: Ask the Informationist


Old Age in the New Age: Ask the Informationist

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Carol Howe, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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This product in its original format was a CD which has now been uploaded to POGOe and can be viewed here. In this format, it consists of three parts:

  1. A reprint (with permission from the publisher) of Davidoff and Florance's seminal article published in 2000 in Annals of Internal Medicine entitled "The Informationist: A New Health Profession?".
  2. A PowerPoint presentation outlining in detail the role the informationist has played in the Arizona Reynolds Program of Applied Geriatrics (ARPAG).
  3. A "Library of Questions" consisting of the full responses to 28 clinical questions posed by the Reynolds scholars. The PowerPoint presentation and each of the 28 questions and responses can also be viewed independently below.
Educational objectives: 

After reviewing this product the viewer will :

  1. Be able to discuss the role of an informationist in clinical and medical educational settings.
  2. By adapting some of the concepts presented in this product, be able to generate ideas for the incorporation of an informationist within a geriatric education program
  3. Be able to discuss some of the very specific questions posed by academic clinicians addressing a broad range of topics including: Cardiology, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Cultural Issues, Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools, Gero-Oncology, Gero sensitive environments and interventions (with particular reference to the Emergency Department), Medical Education, Mental Health, Palliative Care/End of Life Issues, Pharmacology, Sexuality and Surgery.
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