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Delirium: An Interactive Learning Experience

Delirium: An Interactive Learning Experience

Emory University School of Medicine
Ugochi Ohuabunwa, MD, Nurcan Ilksoy, MD, Jonathan Flacker, MD, Birju Patel, MD, Erica Brownfield, MD
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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It is important to expose medical students to geriatrics curricula. Creative methods of delivering medical education result in increased student interest in, and retention of subject matter. This resource is a case about Delirium designed to create active learning groups among third year Medical Students and is delivered in the context of a 2 hour workshop. The case presentation is followed by discussion within the smaller group of learners (about 10 students). Each group reviews the case and identifies salient aspects of the history, physical examination, risk factors and management options. Then the whole group of learners (about 30 students) reviews the information and conclusions of each group through a discussion facilitated by a faculty member. The total time for this product is about 40 minutes. The evaluations indicate that this approach is well-received by the students.

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An instructor manual will be provided in which the implementation guidelines are embedded. It is important for the facilitator to make the exercises very interactive to encourage student involvement at all levels.

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