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Interactive Neurology: Polyneuropathy and Neuropathy Lesion

Interactive Neurology: Polyneuropathy and Neuropathy Lesion

Drexel University College of Medicine
Christof Daetwyler, MD, Mark Mumenthaler, MD
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Eighty-one year old white female diagnosed with Polyneuropathy and Neuropathylesion. Mrs. P. is an 81-year old retiree. Over the last 6 years she has been suffering from increasing paresthesias, which she describes as 'running ants.' The feeling is particularly unpleasant when she is in bed under a warm blanket. When asked, Mrs. P. reports that she has absolutely no strength left in her legs. She can only negotiate stairs by pulling herself up by the railing. When walking, Mrs. P. often stumbles over small obstacles because she can only barely lift her legs anymore. Mrs. P. can describe the evolution of these changes; for about the last 2 years, she has often felts as if her hands were falling asleep, and, on occasion, the 'running ants' sensation as well.

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