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CHAMP (Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient): DECONDITIONING

CHAMP (Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient): DECONDITIONING

University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine
Deon Cox-Hayley, DO
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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"Deconditioning" module is part of the CHAMP faculty development program, which aims to improve inpatient, geriatric medical care through a "teach the teacher" approach. It is central to one of CHAMP's themes, preventing hazards of hospitalization. Teaching materials on "Deconditioning" include: a slide presentation with speaker's notes; a worksheet on fast facts about bedrest; references; a sample session evaluation form; and course overview/program user's guide.

Resources on all CHAMP topics and course materials are also available on this website. CHAMP is a multi-tiered educational project with a faculty development program at its core. Hospitalists, general internists, and family practitioners who teach residents and medical students are the targeted audience. The course is organized around four themes in geriatric inpatient care: identifying and assessing vulnerable elders, preventing hazards of hospitalization, improving palliative and end of life care, and managing transitions of care. CHAMP addresses 15 geriatric topics and includes a mini-course entitled, "Teaching on Today's Wards," on advanced clinical teaching skills and teaching across the ACGME Core Competencies in the inpatient setting. 1 CME credit hour (category 1) was awarded to physicians who attended this teaching session.

Educational objectives: 

"Deconditioning" teaches learners:

  1. to become more skilled in teaching this subject at bedside,
  2. to recognize and explain the serious consequences of bed rest,
  3. approaches to prevention, including mobilizing hospitalized older adult patients early.
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Submitted by dcost on

this is one of the best and most informative presentations on the deleterious effects of bedrest/deconditioning that I have encountered. It should be shown from coast to coast. Nice work.