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Objective Structured Video Exams (OSVEs)-- Case #2: Mr. Malone


Objective Structured Video Exams (OSVEs)-- Case #2: Mr. Malone

Medical College of Wisconsin
AAMC/John A. Hartford Foundation
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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Each tool was explicitly designed to address at least 2 ACGME competencies beyond medical knowledge and patient care and includes an instructor's guide, a Q & A sheet, a scoring key, and a video trigger. For example, one trigger presents a phone conversation between a patient's son and the physician regarding the mental status of his father, who has a history of memory loss and depression. Residents are asked questions about: (1) diagnostic strategies for dementia (medical knowledge); (2) factors influencing interpretation of test results (PBL&I); and (3) communication between physician and family (communication and professionalism).

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Increased knowledge and application of skills based on the ACGME competencies. Learners should be able to identify the ACGME six core competencies as applied to their daily clinical experiences.

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For more information on the series, go to This individual OSVE for Mr. Malone can be downloaded above (click Mr Malone CD Image). The Virtual Patient Cases can also be purchased individually or as a series. For more information, please visit our website at

The OSVE toolkits have gone through multiple pilots: residents, medical students, and faculty (residency programs both regional, local, and national audiences) and have been used in Grand Rounds, lectures, and small group discussion. The ability to transfer/insert the CD-ROM based resources assumes basic knowledge of computers/software. Instructions are provided regarding how to insert video, images, or other resources into PowerPoint in the Instructor's Guide. Other faculty prefer a 10- minute hands-on session demonstrating the access and insertion process as a method to enhance their ability to incorporate the indexed materials into their instructional materials. In addition, faculty must be reminded that if they are using the video clips, they must verify that an audio connection or external speakers are needed.

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Diane Brown

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