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Health Literacy Kit

Health Literacy Kit

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Barry Weiss, MD, Joanne Schwartzberg, MD
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The "Health literacy and patient safety: Help patients understand" educational kit is the AMA Foundation's primary tool for informing physicians, health care professionals and patient advocates about health literacy. The kit includes: an instructional video, an in-depth manual for clinicians, and additional resources for education and involvement. 

Educational objectives: 

The kit will enable learners to:

  1. Define the scope of the health literacy problem
  2. Recognize health system barriers faced by patients with low literacy
  3. Implement improved methods of verbal and written communication
  4. Incorporate practical strategies to create a shame-free environment
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This has been used in the home, medical school classes, and for faculty development. CME credit is available for this product. For more information, please visit:

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Yes, I (we) have conflict of interest to disclose.
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Weiss received an honorarium from AMA for writing the manual. He has also received honoraria from Pfizer for work in healh lite
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Dr. Barry Weiss

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