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Falls and Gait Assessment: A Must for the Aging Population

Falls and Gait Assessment: A Must for the Aging Population

Ohio State University College of Medicine
Bonnie Kantor, MD, MPH, Michelle Myers, MD, MPH
John A. Hartford Foundation
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Falls are one of the most common problems that threaten the independence of older individuals. This product helps the learner to recognize the impairments in multiple domains that compromise the compensatory ability of the individual. Working with a senior partner, the learner will review literature and conduct assessments of both the senior and his or her physical environment.

Educational objectives: 

Learners will become familiar with the importance of screening for and the prevention of falls, as well as learning to do basic assessments for falls risk. Learners will be able to: 1.) recognize that falls are common in older persons by knowing the incidence of falls and its relationship to age and living status; 2.) understand the top risk factors for falls and fall-related injuries in the older population, as well as appreciate the interaction between extrinsic vs. intrinsic factors in determining the cause of falls; 3.) learn to conduct a thorough fall assessment as part of a clinical evaluation; 4.) understand the consequences of falls and their related injuries in relation to independence, mobility, and mortality of older adults; and 5.) discuss strategies and interventions for preventing fall-related injuries.

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After reviewing the material for this module students perform a fall and gait assessment with their Senior Partners and submit the results online. Please contact for full access to this product.

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Michelle Myers

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