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Hypertension in the Elderly: Geriatric Module


Hypertension in the Elderly: Geriatric Module

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Amrit Singh
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
National Institute on Aging
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This module is a collection of items intended to teach learners about screening, diagnosis, and management of hypertension in the geriatric population. The materials are evidence-based, and include handouts and slide shows. Furthermore, the module is designed to allow learners to engage in a continuous quality improvement project related to hypertension management: the module includes a chart audit template, intended to allow learners to apply the information to assess and then monitor their or their practice's clinical performance.

Educational objectives: 

Training in the screening, diagnosis, and management of hypertension in the elderly, and information necessary to assess clinical practice and to design a continuous quality improvement project for hypertension management. Learners should be able to: 1. identify the appropriate diagnostic criteria for hypertension; 2. identify the aspects of hypertension management unique to the geriatric population; 3. perform elements of care which are considered appropriate and necessary for elderly hypertensives; 4. use the chart audit tool to assess their own (or their practice's) care of elderly hypertensives; and 5. apply the knowledge gained regarding management of elderly hypertensives to design a quality improvement project, and they should be able to use the chart audit tool to assess the results of the project.

Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

8 first-year family medicine residents and 8 second-year family medicine residents have used this product. The product was used during a 3 hour workshop conducted for each set of learners; the setting was an academic family practice. This module employs a collection of materials for teaching the subject of geriatric hypertension diagnosis and management. Therefore, the facilitator can use at his/her discretion regarding which of the materials to use in any given setting. The Facilitator's Manual describes a method which allows one to use all of the materials to teach the subject. However, some facilitators may find that just a few of the materials are necessary for instruction; in that case, it is perfectly appropriate to select materials and use them as one chooses. It is recommended that the chart audit tool be included as part of the instruction, as it reinforces the material for learners and allows them to apply knowledge gained to direct patient care.

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