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Rapid Assessment of Older Patients in the Emergency Department: A Resident Manual

Rapid Assessment of Older Patients in the Emergency Department: A Resident Manual

University of Michigan Medical School
Brent Williams, Eve Losman
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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This is a manual written for Emergency Medicine residents. It contains tools and information that can be used to facilitate the ED evaluation of older adults.

Educational objectives: 

Basic familiarity with assessment tools in geriatric medicine that are applicable in the ED setting. Learners should be able to: 1.) Perform a functional assessment. 2.) Screen for cognitive impairment. 3.) Screen for depression. 4.) Evaluate for gait instability. 5.) Screen for polypharmacy and adverse drug events.

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Greater than 50 Emergency Medicine residents at the University of Michigan have done this over the past 3 years. Distributed in hard copy to all incoming residents; accompanies a lecture regarding the ED assessment of older adults that is given once a year.

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Submitted by chowe on

Great tool for teaching geriatric competencies in emergency context

Submitted by K_Callahan on

This ER manual introduces concepts of geriatric care to a specific and high-risk environment for geriatric patients. A thorough yet effective guide that teaches knowledge and skills needed to help elderly patients navigate the ER and to help the learner understand their particular needs and potential pitfalls. Attitudinal teaching as well re: the myth of concentrating on the acute problem and argues against ageist stances.