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Standardized Patient: William Harris


Standardized Patient: William Harris

University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Michael Nagoshi, Kamal Masaki
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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William Harris was developed as part of a multi-station, standardized patient assessment. The students' performance is measured by checklists filled out by the standardized patient and by the evaluation of responses to written questions on the interstation exercise. This patient is a 72 year old male who comes to the outpatient clinic with a one month history of fatigue, decreased appetite, and insomnia, complaining that he can't seem to remember anything. On mental status testing, he has slight impairment of attention. The student's task is to take a pertinent history and examine the patient's mental status. A complete set of student instructions, checklists, standardized patient training materials, written exercises and a grading key are included. The associated documents are available to faculty members only. 

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Evaluation of geriatrics clinical skills for a patient presenting with symptoms of depression.

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This standardized patient has been used as part of a clinical skills assessment for medical students, internal medicine residents and geriatric medicine fellows.

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