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Standardized Patient: John Buck


Standardized Patient: John Buck

University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Michael Nagoshi, Patricia Blanchette, Misty Yee
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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John Buck was developed as part of a multi-station, standardized patient assessment. The student's performance is measured by checklists filled out by the standardized patient (SP). Feedback is provided through a self-evaluation checklist that the examinee fills out immediately after the SP encounter. This patient is 72 year old gentleman who presents to the outpatient clinic with a one month history of difficulty falling asleep. The examinee's task is to take a focused history and counsel the patient. A complete set of student instructions, checklists, standardized patient training materials, and self evaluation forms are included. The associated documents are available to faculty members only. 

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Evaluation of geriatrics clinical skills for a patient with insomnia.

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This standardized patient has been used as part of a clinical skills assessment for medical students, internal medicine residents and geriatric medicine fellows.

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