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Geriatric Review Modules: Dementia, Depression, Falls & Urinary Incontinence

Geriatric Review Modules: Dementia, Depression, Falls & Urinary Incontinence

Indiana University School of Medicine
Gail Sullivan, MD, MPH, Cathy Schubert, MD, MPH, Youcef Sennour, MD, MPH, Glenda R. Westmoreland, MD, MPH, Steven Counsell, MD, MPH, Kathryn Frank, MD, MPH, Debra Litzelman, MD, MPH
AAMC/John A. Hartford Foundation
John A. Hartford Foundation
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Four interactive geriatrics modules are available, which combine installed software with web modules. There is one module each for dementia, depression, falls, and urinary incontinence. There are video clips within the modules designed to make them more interactive for the learner. Each module builds on a case and has a focus on caring for older adults with the syndrome in the ambulatory setting. Learners have opportunity for self assessment using pre- and post-tests in each module. CME credits are available only to physicians participating in the GENI Geriatrics QI Initiative. For more information, please contact the author.

Educational objectives: 

Training in the care of older adults with dementia, depression, urinary incontinence in an ambulatory setting. After completing the modules, learners should be able to: 1. Recognize the prevalence, causes and types of each of the syndromes 2. Highlight the importance of maintaining function and quality of life in older adults 3. Evaluate the older patient who has the specific geriatric syndromes by taking the appropriate history, performing a physical examination, ordering the appropriate laboratory tests 4. Employ a broad range of treatment options (both nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic)

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Must have computer with internet access. Used in medical school with 3rd-year undergrads, 4th-year undergrads and resident PGY1s.

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