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Health Care Decision Making Webct Module for Medical Students


Health Care Decision Making Webct Module for Medical Students

University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Christine Hayward, Carla Herman, MD
AAMC/John A. Hartford Foundation
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
John A. Hartford Foundation
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The Health Care Decision Making module is designed as a required supplement for 3rd year medical students completing a geriatric medicine ambulatory clerkship.

Educational objectives: 
  1. To be able to list the components of informed consent.
  2. To understand the purpose and use of health care directives, both oral and written (advanced directives).
  3. To be able to identify the use of and order of surrogates in New Mexico.
  4. To understand some of the cultural and ethical issues related to advanced directives.
  5. To understand and complete a Values Questionnaire.
  6. To be able to describe the manner in which competent patients can direct their future medical treatment through the execution of an advance directives and living wills.
  7. To provide additional required didactic information for medical students completing their Geriatric Medicine Ambulatory Clerkship.
  8. To supplement the one-to-one preceptor teaching and assigned articles and projects.
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The Webct module has been made into a PDF and there are some formatting difficulties due to this conversion. While the Webct information is complete, page breaks are not ideal in the PDF version. This is due to the difficulty of using the Webct as the parent software. At a later date we will use other software to create a more attractive format. Used with 4th Year medical students in an ambulatory clerkship in a community setting.

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Submitted by zhurd on

Excellent  module with case scenarios and student involvement (very effective to have students fill out their own advance directives).

Submitted by K_Callahan on

 a thorough and specific discussion about HCP, advance directives, etc. More an independent learning module, it would be a great resource to back up learning in other environments. New Mexico specific; instructors would have to review in advance to determine how their state laws differ. nice active learning by having students do their own advance directives (but would need to be debriefed in a respectful manner).