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Virtual Patient Case #4: Mrs. Violetta Tang - Chief Diagnosis: Osteoporosis/Incontinence

Virtual Patient Case #4: Mrs. Violetta Tang - Chief Diagnosis: Osteoporosis/Incontinence

Medical College of Wisconsin
Edmund Duthie, MD
AAMC/John A. Hartford Foundation
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
John A. Hartford Foundation
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Virtual Patient Case #4 is the fourth in a five part series. This is a CD-ROM containing short video clips of Mrs. Tang from 65-80. The clips depict the patient's interactions with physicians, nurses, PTs, OTs, social workers and family members. Also included are screening tests, radiograph images, still pictures and reports providing an array of resources for instructors to use in incorporating geriatrics into their teaching. To facilitate access to these audio/visual resources, the files are indexed by basic science courses, clinical rotations, and an additional 50+ other topics.

Educational objectives: 

Geriatric patients are a wonderful resource for illustrating key basic science and clinical concepts. By incorporating these learning objects into your instructional materials, we hope to achieve our ultimate goal: to provide needed exposure to issues commonly encountered with aging patients not only acutely, but life long. We hope that these easily accessible learning objects will enable you to use your creativity as a teacher to make our "virtual patients" come alive, thereby improving the care for geriatric patients.

To integrate the AGS's Basic Competencies for Care of Older Patients (Attitudes, Knowledge, Skills) as a longitudinal thread throughout the medical student curriculum or in discrete teaching interactions by adding these case-based image resources to existing instruction. Particular emphasis focuses on:

  1. Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
  2. Functional Assessment
  3. Hearing and Vision
  4. Incontinence
  5. Osteoporosis
  6. Thyroid Disease
Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

This individual Virtual Patient case for Mrs. Tang can be downloaded above (click Mrs Tang CD Image). Once you have downloaded the CD image, follow the instructions here. The Virtual Patient Cases can also be purchased individually or as a series. For more information, please visit our website at 

This CD-ROM allows the instructor to incorporate case-based images for specific teaching needs. This case was created for use with medical students. It could also be used with practicing physicians. Learning environments where this case could be used include the Classroom, a Focus Group, Image Source File, Small Groups, Case Studies

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